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The LTS WebScroller is a windows based program that will automatically scroll through a set of user supplied web sites. This will allow for unattended operation at your computer. Ideal for automated corporate display of web sites, slide presentations, and video. Can be used in corporate lobbies for visitors, hallways for employees, and kiosks for conventions. Additionally, this can be used by TV stations with a need for unattended display for broadcast. Features include:

  • Ability to save a list of external or local sites, with description and display duration
  • Control of Internet Explorer options such as full screen and address bar display
  • Multiple files with different content in each
  • Manual or Timer execution of the Web Scroll

MH Screenshot
(Windows Media - 1024x768 Resolution optimal)

- Basic Usage - Web Scrolling

- Government and Public Access TV Scroll

- Launching WebCasts

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***** Product No Longer Available *****