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Cooking For All Seasons:

  • Co-Producer and director with local culinary expert Judy Keyes. Series shows to date:
  • Winter Vegetable Box
  • Good Food and Easy Cooking
  • Fall Vegetable Box
  • Tailgating at Fresno State
  • Ribs My Way
  • San Juan Bautista Rib Cookoff
  • Gilroy Wine Stroll
  • Supersized Mexican Dishes
  • French Comfort Food
  • Making Brunches
  • Traditional Hannukah Dishes
  • Making Appetizers
  • Matching Food and Wine at the Creekview Winery
  • Making Bruschetta at the Questers Meeting
  • Pizza at the Morgan Hill Aquatics Center
  • Shopping at the Farmers Market
  • Big Time Backyard BBQ
  • Cincinnati and White Bean Chili Dishes
  • Andy's Peach Dishes
  • Andy's Cherry Delight
  • Mexican Chicken Dishes
  • French Chicken Dinner


  • Holiday Crab Feast
  • At the Taste of Morgan Hill
  • Cake Decorating
  • Mac and Cheese Dishes
  • Summers Eve Dishes
  • Brining and Barbequing
  • Keyes to Cooking Italian




  • Red Beans and Rice - At the Morgan Hill Friday Night Music Series Opening Segment
  • Home, Garden, and Culinary Show - Bonfante Gardens Closing Credits
  • Winter Fancy Food Show
  • Superbowl Party


  • At the 2004 Gilroy Garlic Festival
  • At the Garlic Festival's Gourmet Alley
  • Bunko Babes
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